Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Grand Theft Auto 4

The thing that impresses me is the traffic patterns. The cars react to each other. They are separate entities running different processes. It impresses me for some reason.

Edit: I take that back. Fuck these traffic patterns. They just change lanes willy nilly without any real regard to what is around them. I'm been into some serious accidents because of these damn idiot drivers. Idiots, all the way down.

I'm deep into the mob. I'm digging the story. The other characters are no longer annoying. I'm interested in them. And damn it's funny.

Holy shit. "Lost in the World" is playing as I come out of the comedy club. Really good timing. Nico Belik is really just lost in this world.

So I was thinking about how technology influences art. At first the concept was strange to me, but then I understood it. How could a game like Grand Theft Auto 4 exist without technology? Besides the fact that it's on a computer, a modern invention. And despite the fact I'm driving around in cars, another modern invention. Let's take the cell phone for example. The cell phone is a very recent invention. The proliferation of cell phones really only came about in the past 10 or 11 years. Before then, only a couple people had phones. Now, almost every single person has a cell phone. This influence is felt in Grand Theft Auto as well. You get most of your missions through your cell phone. No more annoying running back and forth to turn in missions or anything. You can do everything from everywhere. This is a pretty modern connivence. Without this invention, the game would be very very different.

The phone also allows you to contact almost any character at any time. The ability to call a character to see them is pretty cool too. Unlike anything they had done before. Again, any character, anytime. What a modern concept.

I took the subway around for a while. I got where I needed to go. Eventually. It works, but why ever use it. Other than "immersion".

And the winner for the most annoying character ever is: Bernie Crane. God. Way to give gay people an awful reputation. Flaming to be flaming. Seesh.

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