Friday, April 27, 2007

New Game

I just bought Rainbow Six Vegas, as you can see from the new games I added to the games I own list. I actually have not been able to play it yet, because I was at a track meet yesterday and really didn't feel like playing it that night. I am going to probably play it tonight, online because I hear great things about it's online play.

I realized something about Gears of War, you must have even teams, especially with Annex. Its just too hard to hold with one person. I played this new Arcade team, which was fun, but it's a hard puzzle game. I had this weird thing happen to me on Dead Rising, where it was unable to recover my save file, but I still had the same level. Weird. Wow, I shall resume playing when Marc gets his computer back.

  1. Obilivion
  2. Dead Rising
  3. WoW

Monday, April 23, 2007


Well, I have been playing Oblivion a lot lately. I am now the head of the Theives Guild and the Mages guild. Thats a lot of Achievement points. So, all i have left to do is become the head of the Dark Brotherhood. After that, it's time to beat the main story. Then, the random quests, including Shivering Isles, and Knights of the Nine.

  1. Obilivion

Friday, April 20, 2007

It's Friday

I have way too many games to play. I just borrowed Dead Rising from my friend and I still am playing Obilivion like mad. I also still have Prey, which I feel like I am cheating on it by not playing it. I have read great reviews of it, but I have not been able to pry myself away from Obilivion and Dead Rising.

Dead Rising is an interesting game. I like it, except for one thing. The combat system is really weird. You are prevented from attacking by every little thing, but no one else is. I was shooting some guy for like 30 seconds, but then he just decided to shoot me, so he did and stopped my shooting. Dumb. An the fact that everything breaks gets annoying. I know it's realistic, but, it could get really annoying. Other than that, its great. The cinematics are well rendered, with good graphics and physics. And, you get to kill Zombies.

A new Gears of War playtype was also just released. It's called "Annex" in case you have not heard. Wait, who is you? No one reads this anyway. Well, I am still going to type, cause I like it. Annex is basically Halo 2's Territories. But, it's Gears of War. Respawning, and actaul holding on ground. This makes it seem much more like war. Also, you have to be good, not lucky. People can get lucky in their kills and win matches, but in Annex, you can only get lucky for so long. Eventually, the better player will win.

  1. Obilivion
  2. Dead Rising
  3. Gears of War

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Virginia Tech, another Jack Thompson stepping stone

The smoke had barely cleared from the horrific scene at Virginia Tech University, and already attorney Jack Thompson pointed his finger at violent videogames.

As the nation mourns the death of 32 students and faculty, killed Monday in the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, it's important, more than ever, to keep our eye on the ball. The killer, identified as Cho Seung-Hui, purchased a Glock 9mm pistol in March for $571. The 23 year old answered no to a series of simple questions, used a credit card, and walked away armed.

It doesn't matter how many games Cho played in his life. He pulled the trigger. He is accountable.

Just hours after the shooting, Thompson appeared on Fox News and claimed that killers in past school shootings have used violent games such as Doom and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to effectively "rehearse" their own crimes. Many of these shooters played games, yes, but their problems ran far deeper.

Yesterday, school-shooter Evan Ramsey blamed videogames for his own violent crimes. In 1997, then 16, Ramsey killed a student and a principal at his high school in Bethel, Alaska. In an interview yesterday with CNN, Ramsey told Anderson Cooper that he didn't understand that if you shoot someone, "they probably won't get up." Videogames, Ramsey said, taught him that people do get up.

Cooper did not disclose Ramsey's well-documented history that his father went to prison when he was 7, his mother was an alcoholic, he was sexually abused and spent much of his childhood in foster homes. Again, his problems ran far deeper than playing violent videogames.

The common denominator for Ramsey, Cho and Columbine suspects Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris is not videogames. It is serious emotional distress. It is the being able to easily obtain firearms.

My thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims at Virginia Tech. In the meantime, Thompson will use this tragedy to continue his crusade against violent videogames. I only wish Thompson were as opposed to current gun laws as he is to videogames -- maybe he can help. It should take a lot more than five minutes and five hundred dollars to buy a gun.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

In France

I didn't play many video games
only DS, so I really haven't had a chance to play many video games lately.
I have only been playing Harvest Moon. Unfortunately, I suspect that it's glitched. Whenever, I try to build a building and go to bed, it refuses to come out of sleep. It dumb. Also, I can't get the mine trigger to happen. Maybe a new game would fix that little problem. But anyways. Harvest Moon, is just one of those games that if you stop and think about what your even doing, it sucks. But, just playing, its a blast! watering gardens, and picking up stuff. I should try to get animals, shouldn't I?

I managed to convince some guy at K-Mart to sell me an M rated game(gasp!), so i got Prey for $10. GG

Anyways, Playlist:
  1. Harvest Moon
  2. Obilvion

Sunday, April 01, 2007


It's the first blog of the new month! And I've stopped playing video games. J/K April Fools. Oblivion. It is what my life is becoming and it's what I'm playing. Getting mad that my guy sucks at lock picking. O well, he rapes with blades. I got this sword and it just kills everyone in one swing. Maybe I should arena it. I have completed the fighters guild and am currently master! I am now thinking Mages guild. Any suggestions?

  1. Obilivion
  2. Gears