Friday, March 30, 2007

Close shut the jaws of Obilivion

I am currently on the epic quest to close shut the jaws of Oblivion. The emperor has perished in an assassination. I am wandering in a open world of turmoil. I am so excited about it. I just borrowed Oblivion from my friend, Brian. I have join the fighters guild and am doing quests for money! ya!

  1. Oblivion
  2. Gears
  3. GeoWars

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Playlist! woot!

Nothing new, just playing video games as normal,
or as normal as a track runner, 4.17 GPA student can...
playlist is as follows:
  1. Gears of War
  2. Crackdown
Gears is a terrific game. Online gameplay is terrific and easy to join and play. There are not too many jerks out there, and when you come across them, they are usually pretty funny. I'm going for all my ranked game achievements, just playing for the kills. I'm betting I get my chainsaw kill one first.
Crackdown is getting boring and I like to promote it as a renter. It's terrific until you beat everyone, then it gets boring, especially after you get Master Agent Achievement. I've played that game to death, and I shall be returning to Blockbuster shortly.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Anticipated games

There are a couple games that I can not wait to get:
  1. Halo 3
  2. Grand Theft Auto 4
  3. Fable 2
  4. Gears of War II
  5. Mass Effect
  6. Assassin's Creed
  7. Blue Dragon, i geuss

Saturday, March 17, 2007


I downloaded the demo because of the mention of it on Major Nelson's podcast, and they were discussing the sound, and I wanted to try it out. It is a great game. I love jumping, shooting and blowing everything up. Its great fun, but get repetitive. So, I rented it, and I'm playing it non-stop and just hoping to get more achievements and everything.

  1. Crackdown
  2. Reading?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

XBOX 360

Well, I finally got a Xbox 360. It's as awesome as i knew it would be. Everything, especially because I got everything needed, such as an extra fan, wireless adapter(which works perfectrly) and another controllers. I obtained Gears of War, so I am playing that a lot as well. I have gone on a mad South Park shopping spree, and bought lots of them. Right now, I am downloading Dead Rising, GRAW 2 Multiplayer, Saint's Row and The Outfit demos. Xbox live pwns.
I was play Dawn of War, and I realized something. If two people are good, the war becomes World War One. It is just a constant stalemate. Obviously, this is a deficiency in dynamic stratagy, but I was unable to puch past it, except at the end, where I suspect that my friend had stopped playing.
  1. Gears of War
  2. Dawn of War
  3. Geometry Wars
  4. Heavy Weapon
  5. WoW
Gears, I am playing ranked matches non-stop, hoping to get the achievement. Does anyone know where you can get your stats about that? DOW, playing against people, online. Geo Wars, when I'm bored. Heavy cause I want gamerscore. WoW is not fun, at all.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Warhammer 40K: Dark Crusade

Warhammer 40k: Dark Crusade, is an awesome game. Seriously, it rules. If anyone needs a copy, I can get you a DVD and we can Direct connect. Eldar, all the way. I love just sitting in defense until i get walkers and fire prisms. Pretty much, I'm an armor freak. ^_^

  1. Obviously, Warhammer 40K
  2. GTA: San Andreas
  3. Line Rider
  4. WoW
Warhammer, great. GTA, only in the mornings, and I love driving. Line Rider only in Mrs Maio, but now I like to play Warhammer 40k there. In WoW I have stopped playing because MARC keeps switching characters.