Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Guess what I have been playing

What the heck? My margins screw up, but then I erase everything and It goes back to normal? Intersting. Anyway, I have been playing Track Mania, World of Lolcraft and Team Frotress. They are the only good games that I see fit to play. Well, that and an occsional song or two on Guitar Hero 3. Speaking of which, on computer, Guitar hero is a crying shame. Well, maybe not, but it sucks. So, Latley, I have not been too interested in games. I have been more interested in like the computer programmig side. Like, for instance, got Linux to run on a virtual machine on this computer. There go my margins. what the heck? Well, wait, after saving as a draft and reopening, they work again. But I might just write in OpenOffice and publish from there. Continuing on my computer science rant, I enjoy just the part of discovering what I can do with the computer. I want to but my C++,Java programming to use, maybe build a good program that I can show off to companies that MAY want to hire me. But, I'm at a loss of what to build. No one said computer science required imagination.

Well, I installed UBUNTU, and don't know what to do with it. Probably build something.

  1. World of Warcraft
  2. Team Fortress 2
  3. Track Mania Nation