Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I changed some stuff

Mostly only the feed address. No one reads this anyway, so I decided I'd change it and have some consistency with the names of everything. Well, I have really only been playing one video game now a days: Madden.
Weird right? I really like the 49ers, but they are not very good. I am finding out that I am obnoxiously good with the Colts. Payton Manning is a god. When I have blocking like the Colts give me, I can just sit and scan the receivers and destroy any defense. I am beginning to think that if the offense plays without making a mistake, they will win. It's the defense's job to make the offense pay dearly for their mistakes.

I am fairly pissed off about Infinity Ward's decision to cut out dedicated servers from Modern Warfare 2. I mean, do they not know who plays games on the PC? Anyone who is playing games on the PC has played them on a console a couple times, and we all think that the PC is the superior system for a reason. We like the server browser. Don't tell us what we like or don't like. We can figure it out for ourselves. Additionally, how would a server browser and matchmaking bifurcate the community? We would all be playing in the same games. Unless you were stupid enough to make them two different systems. Then I question your intelligence. As of now, I think that someone in Activision might have thought it was a good idea to try this. I don't think so. I think that there will be a patch soon enough to do just that. The lack of player created maps will stay forever. I'm also pretty pissed about that. It's just Activision milking its customers because they know they can make some money from it. Video gaming has become a legitimate business and when that happens, capitalists come in and maximize profits. But that always gets in the way of creativity. Same thing that happened in the music industry. Luckily, the internet is putting a stop to the latter.
So yea. I don't play much anymore. I don't really see that changing anytime soon either. I may get some time for Runescape here and there now. But as of now, I'll just do what I want to do.
  1. Madden 2010