Sunday, March 11, 2007

XBOX 360

Well, I finally got a Xbox 360. It's as awesome as i knew it would be. Everything, especially because I got everything needed, such as an extra fan, wireless adapter(which works perfectrly) and another controllers. I obtained Gears of War, so I am playing that a lot as well. I have gone on a mad South Park shopping spree, and bought lots of them. Right now, I am downloading Dead Rising, GRAW 2 Multiplayer, Saint's Row and The Outfit demos. Xbox live pwns.
I was play Dawn of War, and I realized something. If two people are good, the war becomes World War One. It is just a constant stalemate. Obviously, this is a deficiency in dynamic stratagy, but I was unable to puch past it, except at the end, where I suspect that my friend had stopped playing.
  1. Gears of War
  2. Dawn of War
  3. Geometry Wars
  4. Heavy Weapon
  5. WoW
Gears, I am playing ranked matches non-stop, hoping to get the achievement. Does anyone know where you can get your stats about that? DOW, playing against people, online. Geo Wars, when I'm bored. Heavy cause I want gamerscore. WoW is not fun, at all.

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