Friday, April 27, 2007

New Game

I just bought Rainbow Six Vegas, as you can see from the new games I added to the games I own list. I actually have not been able to play it yet, because I was at a track meet yesterday and really didn't feel like playing it that night. I am going to probably play it tonight, online because I hear great things about it's online play.

I realized something about Gears of War, you must have even teams, especially with Annex. Its just too hard to hold with one person. I played this new Arcade team, which was fun, but it's a hard puzzle game. I had this weird thing happen to me on Dead Rising, where it was unable to recover my save file, but I still had the same level. Weird. Wow, I shall resume playing when Marc gets his computer back.

  1. Obilivion
  2. Dead Rising
  3. WoW

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