Monday, October 11, 2010


I'm Sorry

World of Warcraft as ruined gaming for me. Probably forever. I've been spoiled by it. I no longer see the point of any other games. Why would I play something that doesn't add up to something. Games can't just be fun. They have to mean something. You have to play with people. Single player games became irrelevant long ago. Why would I ever play something that would ever only been seen by me and playing against the computer just felt hollow. Unfortunately, I've developed a condition. I don't like playing against people. I get competitive. I don't like always having to be on top. I don't like that feeling. Having to always win.

So World of Warcraft did what I wanted. I wanted to play with people, not against people. It allowed me to play something that meant something and required investment. It required by intellect and my attention. It had a massive depth. It was a giant math problem. A constant computation.

I cant never go back Kate. I can't.

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