Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Geometry Wars

The need for my 360 has finally been quenched. I was able to procure Geometry Wars for the computer. This is also really gives validation to my purchase of the 360 controller receiver for my computer. I am using my controller more than ever. That game is basically an intense acid trip were you fly around and kill shapes. It's a trip.

I have also been playing a lot of Call of Duty 4 recently as well. I am currently level 48 and counting. I have all the guns to look foward to: the P90 and the M14. Well, I'm still waiting on the Barret .50 Cal Sniper rifle, but that's not as anticipated for. So now, I'm just going for M14 headshots. I am almost convinced that I like the red dot scope more than the ACOG. But, I'm going to play more and then we will see. I think it's because I can see more when I'm scoped with the red dot. I hated the iron sights for the M14. It drove me insane. When I hit level 55, I think I might just vagugly attempt to get all the achievments, you know, unlock all skins for all weapons and do all the challenges. But, not activly and not just for that. Otherwise, it would be boring. I have a couple hated maps: Bog, Overgrown and Downpour. I dislike Bloc and Wetwork, but there is not hatred there.

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