Monday, February 04, 2008

The Real Modern Warfare

Is battling for time to really play Call of Duty 4. It's my recent addiction. Getting good is nice. I think that you really get into the game when you can have some influence on the game. Seeing your name at the top of the kill list is extremly satisfying. I'm level 39 (I think) and really feeling good about the game. I know that a silencer in theroy reduces your range, but if you are any good, you can easily extend your range by crouching and shooting in bursts. Speaking of not being good at games, Marc cheats. If he can't get the achievments then he makes a LAN game and kills mike. What the fuck. really. Hardcore is the best, for it is the most real feeling experience. It is a war when all you have is your sight and your gun in front of you. And, I turned the graphics up and it looks amazing and I am still getting 70 FPS.

In WoW I am level 66, putting in hours here and there. I recently starting playing Warcraft 3 again and I don't know why I never really got into it. It is a great game with a lot of different factions and with the RPG elements with the hero. And I really can't wait for Sins of a Solar Empire. It is Civ 4 in space. Huge planets that have distinct traits, and large intergalactic battles. I can not wait. It is like 45% done I hope.

  1. COD 4
  2. Warcraft 3
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Anonymous said...

Hey Curtis, riddle me this: How come you get to play WCIII with your brother and Starcrft, and I don't give you crap about it, yet when I play Cod4 with Mike, you go saying this stuff? Hmmm? So there are challenges, ooooh. All we do is have massive sniper battles. As for my rank being higher, well, I'm getting better, my game hasn't crashed, and my internet is looking sharp; about dang time too. So Curtis, such on that.

cwew said...

I believe it is "suck"