Thursday, February 07, 2013

Games I've Been Playing

Been playing lots of Civ 5. I've really been wanting to play LOTRO, but I haven't been able to find time. But then when I do find time, I get bored and I'm like "I wanna play something else". maybe if i had more time, I'd have more patience with it. But I really do love and I want to get to the end game. I've really been digging the legendary system, even if it is kinda complex and grindy. My loremaster really feels like he;s come into his own; fighting guys is no longer frustratingly difficult, but a fun romp through my skills. I'm still in Moria, plugging through. I'm level 53 currently.
I also want to get to Skyrim. I hear its really good, and I bet on my new fancy computer, its really awesome. But its all about time. I also want to play these games:
Endless Space
Napoleon Total War
The Sims 3
Test Drive Unlimited
DC Universe Online
Borderlands 2

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