Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Have I Been Playing

I mean, not that it's really important or anything. BuT. Basically I'm a bad person and I've been playing lots of World of Warcraft. Lots. The sad part is, it's just as action pact and fun as TF2 is. I was in a raid yesterday, and it required a lot of concentration, experience and constant movement, on top of healing. I had to be paying attention to lots of things at once. Then, when I'm not in those battles, I have to be preparing for the next encounter. This takes a lot of meticulous research and forethought. This I also like. The fact that you can have such minute details about a game to leads to the sentence(s):
"WotLK makes yet another sweeping overhaul to the regeneration model. In 2.4, we all became used to the regen formula of:
5 * 0.0093271 * Spi * \sqrt {Intellect}
which made spirit very valuable, and intellect slightly so. Not only was the coefficient lowered as we leveled to 80 (as expected), but Blizzard made the decision to lower the coefficient yet further in an attempt to remove our ability to 'regen infinitely'"

The fact that this sentence means a lot in the end game content is mind blowing to me. I love it.

But, unfortunately, Tuesdays I have section at 8am and the WoW servers are down from 5am to 11am every Tuesday has forced me into other games. Such as Mount and Blade. This game is basically just a Medieval combat simulator. It's basically the game mechanics of Dynasty Warriors mixed with the graphic engine of Morrowind. Which I happened to adore. So I like this game. I picked it up for $5 (I think) on Steam one day, and it's definitely worth a play. I also grabbed Torchlight. Haven't started it yet.....
  1. WoW

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