Monday, July 07, 2008

So I don't forget
amazing for dailies. all of them. Is a blog suppose to be a blurb, meaning 2 or 3 sentences, or a magazine article?
  1. WoW
  2. Rock Band
  3. Team Fortress 2

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marchhare14 said...

I think a blog can be either. I mean, I've tried to turn my blog into some sort of multimedia art, with varying degrees of success. On here, I felt like I had to make a big statement the first time I posted (as if anyone reads this!)

On the other hand, the quick, witty observation is also appropriate on a blog such as this, I think.

I'm about two minutes away from finally beating Oblivion. The relief is going to be relieving.

That game trapped me. I kind of hate it now. I'm it's slave.