Monday, November 26, 2007


I have not been really inspired to write lately. I am not even sure why. Well, here it goes. I have been a lot more video games than usual lately. I should really start picking up running again. This conflicts because I really want to gain some weight, although running increases apetite. Well, with the added time, I have started playing WoW again. Pathetic? I am not sure. All I know is that when played occosionally, WoW is a lot more fun. Just playing it can be very boring and can even lead to hatred. I don't know what to write. Is that last statement too informal?  Lul. Lol has now become an adjective. I actually described Pirates of the Caribean as "lol". It's interesting to me at least.

I have had two LAN's that I have not talked about. The Vets LAN was a great success. 8 people for most of it. Mike was a goof and left early. But, after that we played mostly either TF2 or Supcom. We played a remarkably small amount of WiC, which is wierd. I suspect that at Winter Wonder LAN it will be epically epic! The ThanksLANgiving was not as big. I had 4 people for most of it, since Daniel couldn't come. Nick, wanted to sleep, Tyler was visiting his mom in the hospital and I didn't invite TJ, for Logan was there, so TJ couldn't play the good game of SupCom. But, it was allright, with us clocking 9 hours of Supreme Commander Forged Alliance.

Well, now to move on to what normally appears here: Video game talk. I played BioShock all game. And all Thanksgiving Day. Good game. Twist was also good. Mr. Radon said it was a epic twist but not untill he explianed all of his reasoning did I see his point. I have been playing Crysis, but its frustratingly difficult. The excellent phyisics sometimes betray you, like you punch something random and you die. What gives? Anyway, Rock Band, or Cock Band as Cory calls it, is also freaking awesome.The joy of having four friends all together playing in front a screen is 
something unmatched up to this point. And now, the margins expanding. 
This is really wierd. Length of the post? I'm not sure. 
What was I talking about? O Cock band. Ya, its fun. 

I am thinking of applying for the internship at PC Gamer. 
Unfortunatly, I am a little too far away and busy to do it, but I am thinking of 
saying I am planning to go to CAL, and to just read this blog. I doubt they will. 
No one reads this. 

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