Sunday, June 24, 2007


So, I think that I just bought ShadowRun. I got it from K-Mart. Kudos to Tyler for giving me the Employee discount and for making 97 years old. I played it and I love it. It's basically, Counter-Strike meets UT2004 meets Halo. Its awesome. Everything is well balanced and its takes a blizzard Starcraft approach of separate but equal. Every race had different strategies that you utilize to win.

So on Logan's computer, TrackMania Sunrise works perfectly. So I'm playing that as well. Also, Supcom is still being played to death. I've been working on the Gears of War Campaign on insane in Tahoe.

  1. ShadowRun
  2. SupCom
  3. TrackMania Nations
  4. Gears of War

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